Monday, March 22, 2010

Billy Graham said Mayweather will beat Mosley

Boxing Scene sports portal posted Terence Dooley article about Billy Graham analysis on the upcoming mega-fight of Mayweather and Mosley on May 1, 2010 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Billy Graham is a veteran boxing trainer who brought the fight of Floyd Mayweather against Ricky Hatton last December 2007. He sadly recognized the power of Floyd punches on Hatton's tenth-round knockout. Indeed, he believes a very special and talented fighter can beat Floyd 'Money' Mayweather.

Here's a little overview of Billy Graham point of view:

Graham’s respect for Floyd, always healthy, burgeoned during the course of the Hatton fight when he saw just how effective Floyd can on the inside, as well as how cruel and calculating Floyd is when in puncher mode.

“Floyd is flash but he is a much nicer person than he portrays himself to be, he is a gentleman in person, that flashiness is his MO but if you think there is nothing more to him than that you are making a huge mistake,” warned ‘The Preacher’.

“Floyd is one tough bastard. If he can have an easy night then he’ll make it easy, he isn’t bothered about what the crowd thinks, which could be seen as a sign of his mental strength, and is not bothered if the fight is dreary for the onlooker. For Floyd, it is all about negating your strengths and getting the win.

Graham, though, is not prepared to write Shane off; he believes that Vernon Forrest, who took away Shane’s ‘0’ and then out-pointed Mosley in the return match, took a lot out of Shane and that it took Mosley a few years to get those reverses out of his system. Ominously, ‘The Viper’ utilised a box-clinching style to break Shane’s rhythm, this technique is often employed by Floyd; Graham believes that Shane will have to face his worst stylistic nightmare as well as upping his own game once again if he is to prevail.

“Shane could do this,” warned Graham. “Shane will have more to offer Floyd, he’s coming off a huge win, and has preserved himself well, just like Floyd. Shane will be up for this; he’s called for it. But if I had to bet on it then I’d go for Floyd although he will find this tougher than a Pacquiao fight; Manny is a great fighter but Shane is a great big fighter. The main worry is that Floyd, who was more than a match for Vernon Forrest in terms of ability, will come out with the perfect gameplan, just like Vernon did, and take the play away from Shane early in the fight.
What does it take to win this war of champions? Can Floyd Mayweather really beat Shane Mosley? No one knows the answer until the May 1 fight starts. Let's get ready to rumble on Who R U Picking? Floyd Mayweather vs Shane Mosley.

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