Friday, July 22, 2011

Floyd Mayweather Jr. to Manny Pacquiao: "Yes, You're Next"

Floyd Mayweather Jr. to Manny PacquiaoThe dream boxing match Mayweather vs Pacquiao buzz up after Floyd Mayweather Jr. openly said to the reporter the line "Yes, You're Next" relating to Manny Pacquiao as his next opponent after Victor Ortiz on a confrontation interview last week.

I want to believe the words that came out on Floyd's mouth. It has been two years, the unbeaten boxer has been ducking, dodging, avoiding and accusing the pound for pound king. The blood test issues and steroids allegation and a lot more. But now, Mayweather has finally made his ass confirmed the fight that all people are waiting.
Floyd statement to the member of press during the interview.
"When Pacquiao defeats my leftovers, you guys praise him." "All he's fought are Floyd Mayweather's leftovers. When he beat Cotto, he wasn't at the top of his game. He was already beaten up from a guy who had to put a cast in his hand (Antonio Margarito). Pacquiao beat a drained Oscar De La Hoya. I respect Pacquiao for fighting my leftovers."We only want to fight the biggest and the best out there, and Manny Pacquiao, yes, you're next".
Mayweather is set to face southpaw Victor "Vicious" Ortiz on September 17. A tune-up match or not? Meanwhile, Pacquiao faces Marquez for their third match on November 12. The world awaits for this two fighters to finally meet inside the ring. Who are excited for Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight on early 2012?

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