Thursday, August 11, 2011

What is your Mayweather vs Ortiz fight Prediction?

The intriguing boxing showdown of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Victor Ortiz is coming up in nearly more than 30 days go. Boxing fans and avid press people has their own views, thoughts and prediction to the results of the so called biggest match-up that HBO will be holding.

So fight fans, what is your fearless Mayweather vs Ortiz fight prediction? Witness HBO's buzz video of different experts expressing their each of their sides on the upcoming bout.

Did the video above help you analyze the background of both fighters? This is great match-up that will make history in boxing. Fans, set back and relax as we wait for the big boxing day. Buy your Mayweather-Ortiz tickets now on available outlet to avoid inconvenience.

My prediction is a unanimous decision for Floyd Mayweather. He will surely duck the punches with his formidable arm and immediately overthrow Ortiz on the process. You fans, what is your prediction? Comment and vote on the online survey. Enjoy.

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