Monday, September 5, 2011

Mayweather Defense vs Ortiz Power

The Mayweather vs Ortiz Sept. 17 rumble is fast approaching! The heat and tension is all over over on both camps. Can you feel it fans? The two boxers, Floyd and Victor are training so rigorously on their respective training camp for the biggest boxing event of their lives. This is the ever most intriguing and dangerous bout for both fighters.

Let us give some overview on both boxers strength and capabilities which for sure will be seen on the fight day. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is known as a defensive fighter with a very formidable slick defense on his side roll arm. He uses this tactic every fight to check out for an opening to his opponent. If he already penetrated you, he will immediately release his incredible jabs and combination punches.

On the other hand, Victor Ortiz is a southpaw fighter who possess incredible power proven on his impressive knockout percentage. He is a kind of boxer who will emerge immediately on an all out exchanging of punches.

So fight fans, who do you think will win the much anticipate boxing match of 2011? Don't miss the excitement and ring action as we witness Mayweather vs Ortiz LIVE on HBO PPV.

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