Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mayweather-Ortiz Controversial Knockout Video

It was an unbelievable boxing! All of us was shock with the outcome of the Mayweather vs Ortiz fight Saturday night in Las Vegas. Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeated Victor Ortiz in a very controversial TKO in the fourth round of their pay-per-view showdown. Watch the replay of Mayweather vs Ortiz knockout video below.

The video was uploaded on free video sharing site Mega Video. I don't own the video nor hosted it on this blog.

The general rule of boxing is that you protect yourselves at all times! Ortiz caught Mayweather on the ropes where he unleashed powerful combination although an intentional headbutt was included which was a big NO on boxing. Referee Joe Cortez entered the scene to break the two boxers and remind Victor of what he did. Cortez called the two boxer in the center ring to continue the round and Ortiz extend his purpose of handshaking to Mayweather where suddenly he was shot by left hook and right straight.

Ortiz was knockout by Mayweather on the 4th round of action! Also, the video included the hot conversation of Mayweather vs Larry Merchant where confrontation exploded! Mayweather angrily asked HBO to FIRE him and Merchant answered it "I wish I was 50 years younger and I'll kick your ass!"

What do you think boxing fans? Do you like it or not? Let us hear your comment below.

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