Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mayweather vs Guerrero Tale of the Tape

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has officially picked his next opponent in the person of Robert Guerrero. The Mayweather vs Guerrero world championship fight dubbed as "MAY DAY" will stage at the MGM Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, May 4, 2013. Well, give your loudest shout and roar to the eagerly awaited ring comeback of the only 1 pound for pound king, Floyd "MONEY" Mayweather as takes on "THE GHOST" Guerrero for the WBC Welterweight strap on his waist.

Mayweather vs Guerrero

Floyd Mayweather has a perfect boxing record of 43 wins, zero losses and zero draws. He has recorded 26 knockouts. Although, Mayweather will be 36 years old by the time he fight with Guerrero.

Robert Guerrero has a professional record 31 wins and just one loss and one draw. 18 of Guerrero's victories have come by way of TKO. The Ghost will be at his prime age of 30 when he finally met Money May.

Alright, let's compare the two great boxers below:

Even though Robert Guerrero is known as an aggressive and exciting fighter, he lacks elite punching power. When people think of Mayweather, they don't think about his punching power, but he does have the advantage in this fight.

We would be fools not to give Money May the advantage in speed. Guerrero does have very quick hands, but Floyd Mayweather has quicker hands and faster feet.

This is a draw. Both fighters have proven to have very good chins.

Obviously the advantage in experience goes to the pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather. He has been fighting professionally for five more years than Guerrero.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. will still win this fight. Amidst getting older and his reflexes, speed are not as good from before, Mayweather will easily outpoint Guerrero via unanimous 12-round of actions.

Well, what do you think fight fans? Don't miss to catch this excting boxing extravagant this coming May, hurry order Mayweather vs Guerrero tickets still availabe online. Enjoy!

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