Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tony Weeks named Mayweather vs Cotto Referee

Boxing veteran referee Tony Weeks was announced recently as the official third man of the May 5 championship bout between Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is considered one of the best referees in the sport according to the Nevada State Commision. We particularly seen him in action at the third fight of Pacquiao and Marquez last November.

The hype up is on! The highly promoted Mayweather vs Cotto fight is fast approaching. The drama and trash talking has intensified as both camp are totally ready for th

big showdown. We, the fans are hoping that referee Tony Weeks will take note the mistake of last Mayweather fight. This fight is going to be big PPV for sure so the third man must know how act on this special task.

Also, the judges for the Cotto vs Mayweather Super-Welterweight rumble has been named. They are Robert Hoyle, Dave Moretti, and Patricia Morse Jarman. All are very experienced boxing judges.

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