Thursday, August 29, 2013

Floyd Mayweather Media Day Workout (Video)

It's a fun for all who descended to the media workout day of the undefeated pound for pound king Floyd "Money" Mayweather, Jr. at Mayweather's gym in Las Vegas on August 28th.

Mayweather Media Day Workout
The media openly swarmed the undefeated champion like the 3am opening of Wal Mart on Black Friday.

It's totally undeniable for a world renowned boxing superstar to have this galatic response from the press. Mayweather has done his usual thing put a show for those in attendance and answer some queries.

Below are some selected qoutes during the media day.

Floyd's Thoughts on Canelo Alvarez (42(30)-0-1): "Canelo is a solid competitor. I can't overlook him. I've got to push myself for the next two and a half weeks. He's banking on his youth and I'm banking on my experience.

Mayweather on who is Mexico's biggest fighter: "Juan Manuel Marquez has accomplished more and he's done more for the sport. I can't say Canelo has the biggest following because I think it has to be Marquez."

What do you think fight fans? Don't miss to witness the Mayweather vs Canelo live coverage on September 14th through your pay-per-view television, PC and mobile devices. Enjoy.

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