Friday, August 30, 2013

Mayweather-Canelo All Access Episode 2 Replay Video and Highlights Recap

All Access Mayweather vs Canelo
Boxing pundits don't miss to watch the Mayweather-Canelo All Access episode 2 airing on Saturday, August 31st at 10 PM EDT. The brand new episode of SHOWTIME's hit sports-documentary special featuring two of boxing's great pugilists on their way to the greatest boxing event of 2013.

In the latest edition of All Access, Canelo step up to show how rigorous his training regime in preparation of the toughest match-up he'll face this September. Meanwhile, Mayweather's camp is very confident with their preparations for the bout and the weight wont' matter on the fight night.

Fight fans, watch All Access: Mayweather vs Canelo Episode 2 full video.

Also, the new episode will give way to Mayweather's rival stating something about the blueprint of boxing. This will surely be an awesome and intriguing episode. Don't miss this fight fans! Enjoy.

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